Watch Dr. Chaoui’s inauguration remarks

“We make the commitment to be at our best – every time a patient enters the exam room. We must treat the 20th patient of the day with the same respect, compassion and mental clarity with which we treated the first – regardless of our exhaustion, the paperwork that lies ahead, or our commitments waiting for us at home. At that moment, each patient is our first, and only, priority.”

Dr. Alain A. Chaoui is the 136th president of the Massachusetts Medical Society. If you were unable to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting, you can view Dr. Chaoui’s inauguration speech here.  See his heartfelt thank yous to those who have helped him throughout his career in medicine, his thoughts on physician burnout and even a reference to one of the most iconic scenes in the history of American television. 

Dr. Alain A. Chaoui

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