Statement from MMS President on Passage of Question 4

“It is disappointing that the commercial interests of marijuana have won out over the health and safety of citizens in the Commonwealth.  Physicians will continue their advocacy to warn citizens about the dangers of recreational marijuana and pledge to work with state officials to ensure that public health oversight, protections for teens and adolescents, and provisions for education, treatment and recovery are included as the law is implemented.”

James S. Gessner, M.D.
President, Massachusetts Medical Society
November 8, 2016

  1. Eric J. Ruby, M.D. says:

    Prohibition is a proved failed policy. For the Safety and Health of our children and adolescents, regulation, oversight, and strict enforcement of the law is what should be emphasized. Appropriate education, as appears in, ought to be available to physicians and the public. Fear mongering(the dangers) is no way to practice medicine or teach. I am embarrassed that the MMS, which is so interested in the doctor-patient relationship, could not see the inevitable. Our paternalistic approach to wellness is losing our credibility with our population. Just say no doesn’t work and never will. There is no course on human nature. Common sense is in short supply.
    Life-long learning is the foundation of our profession. Hearing patient after patient say their doctor doesn’t know enough about Cannabis disappoints me in my colleagues. Giving only negative information is not taking into account the now 28 states with medicinal marijuana….and a 5,000 year history of positive outcomes. Please make more visible. MMS physicians have a responsibility to serve, not just themselves or a holier than thou mantra of superiority.
    Please remember that the alcohol industry and the tobacco industry are the key opponents of Cannabis mainly because Cannabis will replace them. Alcohol and tobacco are killers. Cannabis is not. The argument about commercial interests is not seeing the entire picture. Cannabis is significantly healthier than alcohol and tobacco and far less addictive.
    Eric J. Ruby, M. D., F.A.A.P.

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