December Physician Focus: Women and Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in American women, claiming 400,000 lives a year – more than all cancers combined.  Yet nearly half of women – 44 percent according to a recent survey by the American Heart Association – are unaware that it’s the number one threat to their health.

To raise awareness of the topic, the December edition of Physician Focus, Women and Heart Disease, examines why cardiovascular disease is such a threat to women. This program is presented in collaboration with the MMS Committee on Women in Medicine.

Guests are Malissa Wood, M.D. (center, photo) and Nandita Scott, M.D., (right) Co-Directors of the Corrigan Women’s Heart Health Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Hosting this edition is family physician Mavis Jaworski, M.D. (left).

Among the topics of discussion are how cardiovascular disease can affect pregnancy, the danger signs of stroke, why high blood pressure is so dangerous, what women should do to screen for heart disease, and preventive steps to take to reduce the risk.

Physician Focus, now in its 11th consecutive year of production, is available for viewing on public access television stations throughout Massachusetts. The December program is available online at,, and on YouTube.


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