What Mattered Most to Physicians Last Year? Top MMS Website Content in 2014

What mattered most to Massachusetts physicians in 2014? The most heavily visited pages on the MMS website may offer some hints.

This list is not a complete traffic report; it covers only individual articles. It doesn’t include transaction pages, or the pages that list individual article pages.

The top 25 are listed here, ranked by the number of page views. Perhaps you will find it of some interest.

  1. Health Care Proxy Information and Forms
  2. Continuing Medical Education Requirements for Physician License Renewal in Massachusetts
  3. Choosing a Specialty
  4. Find a Physician
  5. MMS Careers
  6. End-of-Life Care Series (Online CME course)
  7. MMS Leadership
  8. Health Care Proxies and End of Life Care
  9. Opioid Prescribing Series (Online CME course)
  10. Physician Health Services
  11. Medical Marijuana
  12. Important Differences Between Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
  13. Managing Risk When Prescribing Narcotics Painkillers (Online CME course)
  14. House of Delegates
  15. Legal Advisor: Advance Directives (Online CME course)
  16. The Importance of Discussing End of Life Care (Online CME course)
  17. Medical Price Transparency Law Rolls Out: Physicians Must Help Patients Estimate Costs
  18. MMS Study Shows Patient Wait Times for Primary Care Still Long
  19. Proposed EHR/Meaningful Use Regulations
  20. Medical Marijuana CME (Online CME course)
  21. Physician Health Services: Success Story – An Amazing Journey to Sobriety
  22. Avoiding Failure-to-Diagnose Suits (Online CME course)
  23. Legal Advisor: Identifying Drug Dependence (Online CME course)
  24. Medical Mistakes: Learning to Steer Clear of the Common Ones (Online CME course)
  25. Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law: Considerations for Physicians

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