Announcing “What Works For Me” – An Opportunity to Share, and Learn

Steven Adelman, MDBy Steve Adelman, MD

I believe that it is essential for health care professionals to balance the stresses and demands of medical practice with enlivening passions, absorbing pastimes, and effective self-care strategies.

Over the past year, I have spoken with more than a thousand Massachusetts physicians about the everyday challenges of practicing medicine in 2014.  The good news is that many busy doctors have developed passions, pastimes and coping strategies that sustain us and help us to maintain an even keel, even when the weather is stormy.

To that end, Dr. Eddie Phillips, a dynamic leader in the important emerging field of lifestyle medicine, and I have created a community blog, to showcase and share personal and professional “best practices.”

What works for you? What do you do at home, at work, and in the community, to keep your personal batteries fully charged? What personal and professional practices keep you engaged and excited, when you are “on duty” and when you are “off duty?”

Our first two posts come from Dr. Jeremy Lazarus, immediate past president of the AMA, and Dr. Mary Ann Rose, a radiation oncologist and equestrian who hails from California.

If you’re interested in contributing to this community, please click here to submit a 300-600 word account of what works for you. Try to dig beneath the surface a bit and reveal the “why” behind your passion. Consider including a patient anecdote (disguised and de-identified) to make your story come alive. Do patients know what works for you? How have they reacted? We review and acknowledge every submission, and we will post those that promise to inspire other health care professionals.

We invite you to stop on by, and hope that you will submit a firsthand account of what works for you.

Steve Adelman, MD, is a psychiatrist and director of Physician Health Services, a corporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

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