What Was Popular in 2013?

photo by stevendepolo via flickr.comWhen we reviewed the most popular articles and content on our website for the past year, a couple of interesting themes emerged.

Certainly, the list touches on the top health care issues of 2013. But it’s also a nice snapshot of the enduring concerns of both physicians and patients throughout the year. Many of those pages, such as the summary CME requirements, rise to the top of this list every year.

This list is not a complete traffic report; it covers only individual articles. It doesn’t include CME programs, transaction pages, or the pages that list individual article pages.

The top 25 are listed here, ranked by the number of page views. Perhaps you will find it of some interest.

  1. Continuing Medical Education Requirements for Physician License Renewal in Massachusetts
  2. Health Care Proxy Information and Forms
  3. MMS Careers
  4. MMS Leadership
  5. About the Massachusetts Medical Society
  6. Find a Physician
  7. Choosing a Specialty
  8. MMS 2013 Public Opinion Survey Shows High Satisfaction with Health Care, Easy Access to Care, But Cost, Affordability Remain Most Important Issues
  9. Treatment of Viral Respiratory Infections
  10. Medical Marijuana
  11. MMS Study Shows Patient Wait Times for Primary Care Still Long
  12. Important Differences Between Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
  13. Tamper-Resistant Prescriptions: CMS and MassHealth Guidelines
  14. 2013 Annual Meeting
  15. MMS Committee Descriptions 2013-2014
  16. Residents and Fellows
  17. Medical Students
  18. MMS Guide to Accountable Care Organizations: What Physicians Need to Know
  19. Volunteer Opportunities for MMS Members
  20. HIPAA Resources
  21. Interim Meeting Home
  22. Scholarships and Financial Resources
  23. Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law: Considerations for Physicians
  24. MMS Mission and Strategic Priorities
  25. Section by Section Analysis: Chapter 224 of the Acts Of 2012

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