20:20 Hindsight

By Steve Adelman, MD

Nobody has asked me to write these words; they are mine, and mine alone.

I should have realized, before the fact, that my speculative blog post on a possible marijuana-marathon connection had the potential to offend many good people. In retrospect, I regret the fact that I linked a painful and horrific public tragedy to the alleged perpetrator’s reported use of marijuana. I didn’t intend to upset, provoke and irritate, but that is exactly what my blog posting has done. I feel bad that my words and ideas were offensive to others, and I have asked that the post be removed.

I see little point in attempting to explain what I was trying to accomplish with my speculative posting. Going forward, I plan to focus on topics concerning the health of physicians. With stress and burnout growing in the medical profession, there is much work to be done in this area. Physicians who take really good care of themselves are best able to help their patients. I plan to do my best to promote the health of caregivers and the public.

Dr. Adelman is director of Physician Health Services, Inc., a corporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society. For more information, visit www.physicianhealth.org. Opinions expressed here are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Massachusetts Medical Society or Physician Health Services.


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