“This Too Shall Pass”

By Steve Adelman, MD

The surreal situation unfolding today in Greater Boston will surely pass. In the meantime, a tsunami of images, directives, theories and fears is flooding the hearts and brains of our entire community. In this kind of atmosphere, those who are emotionally vulnerable are being whipped into a frenzy of stress, anxiety, and, in some cases, panic.

As physicians, we are uniquely qualified to help our community maintain a sense of proportion. We know how to stay calm in times of stress and strain; we know that the “tincture of time” is sure to heal in aberrant situations like this one.

The public looks up to us.  Let’s do our best to communicate a sense of calm and reassurance to all. Let’s use our knowledge, experience and professional perspective to help people maintain, or regain, their composure.

Dr. Adelman is director of Physician Health Services, Inc., a corporation of the Massachusetts Medical Society. For more information, visit www.physicianhealth.org.

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