The Next Focus: Mental Health

Following a week of terror and tragedy, there will likely be a greater focus on the mental health needs of the community: Victims, family members, medical clinicians, first responders, volunteers, and spectators.

Some of the most common symptoms of mental health issues are likely to be difficulty sleeping, becoming easily frustrated or angry, and a diminished ability to focus on daily tasks.

Physician Health Services is available to physicians, to provide support, and, when appropriate, referrals to mental health professionals and other resources. Support groups for physicians are also available. PHS can be reached at (781) 434-7404.

The Mass. Department of Public Health is coordinating mental health services for the public through its website.

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health offers an excellent list of web resources on mental health issues.

The heroic work of physicians, first responders and other medical personnel was broadly documented in the news media. Here is a sample of the many reports:

Like all of you, we are grateful that this nightmare is over. Let us expend our energy and focus our resources to help all those involved recover from this ordeal – physically and emotionally.

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