February Physician Focus: Understanding Depression

The February edition of Physician Focus examines the chronic medical condition of depression – an illness that affects about one in ten adults each year and is a leading cause of disability for those 15-44 years old.

Marie Hobart, M.D., a psychiatrist and chief medical officer of Community Healthlink, a part of UMass Memorial Health Care that provides psychiatric, mental health, and substance abuse services for families and individual patients in Central Massachusetts, joins program host John Fromson, M.D., a fellow psychiatrist and associate director of graduate medical education at Massachusetts General Hospital, in lifting some of the mystery surrounding this often-stigmatizing illness.

The discussion between the physicians includes a description of the factors contributing to depression, how depression affects behavior and physical health, therapies used to treat the condition, preventive steps patients can take for their mental health, and the message that depression is a very treatable illness and that it need not be a lifelong condition.

Physician Focus is available for viewing on public access television stations throughout Massachusetts and also available online at www.physicianfocus.org. and on iTunes at www.massmed.org/itunes.

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