MMS Comments on the Passage of Medical Marijuana Ballot Question

From Richard V. Aghababian, MD, President of the Massachusetts Medical Society:

“Despite the vote, the Massachusetts Medical Society continues to assert that marijuana has not been proven to be medicine. It has not been subjected to the same rigorous testing and trials as other drugs approved by the Federal Drug Administration and used every day in practice by physicians.

“We have asked the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana so that research and clinical trials can determine whether or not it has medical value. Until its effectiveness is proven clinically and accepted by the FDA, we urge physicians to refrain from recommending it to their patients.

“Above all, the prescribing of drugs by a physician should be based on clinical and medical evidence, not by popular vote. Further, we will closely monitor the impact of this law and will not hesitate to recommend changes if necessary.”

Background: The Massachusetts Medical Society was opposed to Question 3, reflecting its current policy, adopted by the MMS House of Delegates at its 2012 Annual Meeting, when more than 82 percent of delegates voted to oppose legalizing medical marijuana “until such time that scientific studies demonstrate its safety and efficacy.” In a letter dated October 2, 2012, the Medical Society has asked the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana “so that its potential medicinal use by humans may be further studied and potentially regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

  1. john sliwa says:

    herbal medicine,accupunture and other forms of alternative medicines have been used very effectively for thousands of years in different cultures and seems that your were to busy in your pursuit of a medical degree that you had no time to study any history or sociology
    you obviosly have never known anyone that was going through chem treatments.i have known several people who had never smoked “pot” (and never woud have even considered it) find great relief of their symptoms(anxiety,nauseau,etc)smoking marijuana allowed them to eat better,sleep betterand in general help them feel BETTER…i am sure you all are very good at prescribing pharmaceutical drugs at an alarming rate(the number 1 drug abuse problem in the us).it astonishes me that you ar so resistant to trying a more natural form of a proven therapy. in the end it does not matter at all what you and your goup decides what is effective and what is not.the majority of the people have decided and you are obliged to honor and respect their decision about their own bodies.

  2. bobbt day says:

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