An Update to Massmed.Org Member Email Service Users

At approximately 6:00 this morning, a small electrical fire in a power unit within the computer server room at the Society’s Waltham headquarters forced us to immediately shut down power to all web, email and telephone servers. Rapid action taken by our IT staff prevented the rest of our equipment from sustaining serious damage. There were no injuries.

The member email system was among the many services that were taken offline as a result of this action. Also affected were the MMS website, internal MMS email services, and subscriber transactions on the New England Journal of Medicine and Journal Watch websites. Some content on the NEJM and Journal Watch sites was still available along with MMS Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites, because these are hosted at other locations.

Staff worked diligently throughout the morning to repair the damage, and the backups to our complex network of websites, email systems, and telephone systems were back in operation by early afternoon.

If you received emails on your MassMed account during this outage period, these emails were stored offsite and should filter into your Inbox by the end of the day. Emails you received or sent before the outage were not affected, and should be still in your account (unless you previously deleted them).

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this created. Though some things are out of our control, we’ll evaluate the incident and make any necessary improvements as needed.

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