Legislature Names Conference Committee for Health Care Bill

According to the State House News Service, the House and Senate have named the six people who will negotiate the differences between the two chambers’ health care payment reform and cost containment legislation. In accordance with the Legislature’s  rules, each chamber named two Democrats and one Republican each.

House conferees:

  • House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano (D)
  • Rep. Stephen Walsh, co-chair of the Health Care Financing Committee (D)
  • Rep. Jay Barrows (R)

Senate conferees:

  • Sen. Richard Moore, co-chair of the Health Care Financing Committee (D)
  • Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, co-chair of the Financial Services Committee (D)
  • Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R)

According to the Legislature’s rules, the committee is generally restricted to negotiating on points where the bills differ. Where the bills are alike, there is usually no negotiation permitted. The committee has until midnight July 31 to produce consensus legislation and get it passed by each chamber.

The MMS plans to advocate to the conference committee on the health care spending benchmarks, the House’s proposed “luxury tax” on high-spending hospitals and physician organizations, the registration and reporting duties of small practices, the composition of the state oversight agency, and other issues.


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