Three Newspapers Call for Balanced Approach to Cost Control

Editorials in three local newspapers are calling for a balanced approach to  cost control on the eve of the Senate’s debate over Bill 2070, its health care bill.


Boston Globe: On Beacon Hill, Some Good Ideas, Some Overreach on Health Care
“The best course forward would be for the House to jettison its heavier-handed approach …  to focus on reinforcing the market-driven cost-cutting trends already underway.” (May 14)

Boston Herald: Healthier Approach
“Where the House leaders say their bill strikes the proper balance between government intervention and respect for market-based forces, the Senate bill seems to actually do so.” (May 14)

Boston Business Journal: Risking Jobs at the Expense of Payment Reform
“Here’s one way Beacon Hill could help contain costs. Liberate the market so insurers could offer a more dynamic mix of products. Massachusetts’ one-size-fits-all approach forces many consumers to buy far more than what they want or need.” (May 11)

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