Governor, House Majority Leader Not Exactly on Same Page at Doctors’ Day

In addressing more than 200 Massachusetts physicians gathered this morning for Doctors’ Day at the State House, Gov. Deval Patrick reiterated his sense of urgency about controlling unsustainable health care costs.

“The complexity of this has to stop defeating us,” the governor said. “We have to stop looking for blame and start finding solutions.”

At the same time, the governor pledged to “make changes equitably,” and he thanked  MMS President Alice Coombs, M.D., whom he said “has been at the table” from the beginning.

In separate remarks to the Doctors’ Day crowd, House Majority Leader Ron Mariano said the House is interested in the governor’s plan, “but it’s just a starting point,” he emphasized. Rep. Mariano said that the House supports a more deliberate approach to ensure input from all health care stakeholders.

Conceding that he could not predict what the state Senate will do, Rep. Mariano concluded to a round of enthusiastic applause when he said, “Whatever we do, we don’t want to make the situation worse than it already is.”

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