Boston Papers Call for Malpractice Reform

The Boston Globe took a more national perspective, and the Boston Herald pointed to Governor Deval Patrick’s bill for health care cost containment, but the message from both Boston newspapers was the same:  the current system of medical liability needs to be reformed. Both papers stated their support for such reform in their lead editorials published today [February 22].

Among the comments, the editorials cited the needs that reform must satisfy: reducing the practice of defensive medicine, establishing measures for disclosure and apology, attempting to resolve differences before legal action begins, and examining the causes of errors to prevent them from happening in the future.

In its editorial, the Globe wrote that “Both [Obama and the GOP] should find common ground on innovative approaches that not only reduce jury awards, but also help doctors and hospitals correct underlying problems.”

The Herald said that “Gov. Deval Patrick shrewdly included medical malpractice reform in his new health care cost containment bill. No attempt to rein in the runaway costs in the health care system due in part to the practice of defensive medicine, would be complete without it….”

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