David Blumenthal: Physician Professionalism and Health IT

Dr. David Blumenthal, the leader of the federal government’s health IT initiative, keynoted the MMS’ health IT conference with remarks today asserting that adoption of health IT is a professional imperative for physicians.

“Information and its management is a core competency for the profession,” he said. “Can we be technically competent if we don’t manage information using the most capable and available technology?”

Dr. Blumenthal also extolled explosion of innovation in the EHR industry, and that every major electronics company is trying to build a better EHR. He said a “tidal wave of change” is coming, and predicted there won’t be another opportunity in our lifetime to have the government subsidize the implementation of EHRs.

  1. john may says:

    I agree an EMR at its best will do all that his comments suggest and will make physicians better. However the financial reward of starting an EMR now is more a cost to start using a technology which is constantly changing, not close to perfected, painful to use and often not offering the alleged benefits to care due to the inadequacies of the software and technology available right now. I am sure in time things will be better. The real question then is how much money is worth being a beta tester for EMRs. How much time working with inefficient technology is worth giving up for the money involved?

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