MMS President: Physicians Face Tough Choices as Attention to Cost Control Grows

As health reform progresses and attention turns toCOOMBS_I07_0458
cost control, a “number of challenges” face physicians,
MMS President Alice Coombs, M.D. said in a recent
interview with The Boston Globe’s business reporter Robert Weisman. Dr. Coombs was the subject of an
“On the Hot Seat” interview, published in the Globe’s business section on October 24 . The question and answer session was the newspaper’s third in a series of three with insurance, hospital, and physician leaders in the state.

Among the topics Dr. Coombs addressed were patient care, the business environment for physicians, administrative costs, malpractice premiums, payment reform, declining reimbursements, and the role physicians might play in addressing escalating health care costs.

Read the interview

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