MMS President: Get a Flu Shot and Check Vaccination Updates

Flu season approaches, and public health officials this year arevaccination 5 encouraging everyone over six months old to get their flu shot as soon as possible. That’s good advice. But in a published article earlier this week in local media, Massachusetts Medical Society President Alice Coombs, M.D., encourages everyone not to stop with just a flu shot. She’s urging patients to review all of their immunizations.

“The growing resurgence of preventable diseases,” she writes, “should make us all pay attention to the importance of immunization.” Dr. Coombs cites recent outbreaks of measles, mumps, and whooping cough in several states, where low immunization rates have contributed to those conditions.  

Dr. Coombs also reminds us that while childhood conditions get the most attention for vaccinations, “Infectious diseases know no age limits, and immunization should be a regular part of medical care for all age groups.” 

The issue was recently highlighted in a story in The New York Times, which said part of the problem is immunization awareness, which applies to both doctors, who may forget to remind their patients, and patients, who may not be well informed about the need for booster shots or keeping up with vaccination schedules.

Read Dr. Coombs’ article.

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