Massachusetts Governor Candidates Discuss Health Care: Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill, running for governor of Massachusetts, discusses his views on health care for the Massachusetts Medical Society. See other candidates’ videos at

  1. Milton Hirshberg, MD says:

    There is little if anything favorable to say about Mr. Cahill’s comments about health care. He spoke in generalities, for instance theory v reality. But he did not even try to explain why the current theory of demand for health insurance, which has seriously degraded, rather than enabled, health care as a system in MA, deserves to be continued. If he can’t do that he should pledge to make reforms that fit the reality. Now, the reality in health care systems is that insurance is an impostor stakeholder that has converted health care into a money industry–no longer a social service. Mr. Cahill wants to be a friend of the medical profession but any friend of private health insurance is not a friend of medicine–he can’t be because the purposes of medicine and the insurance industry are incompatible.

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