Massachusetts Governor Candidates Discuss Health Care: Jill Stein

Jill Stein, MD, running for governor of Massachusetts, discusses her views on health care for the Massachusetts Medical Society. See other candidates’ videos, as they become available, at

  1. Milton Hirshberg, MD says:

    Dr. Stein demonstrates an understanding of the problems that degrade our health care system and tells us of a way to resolve them. She tells of the ways that a single-payer system makes care more affordable and minimizes the time that the doctor/insurance relationships have been devouring. She of all the candidates takes the time to present her argument in a coherent and logical way, with an emphasis on substance rather than image. Her opponents offer fragments of repairs to the system we have, drawing on business practices having inappropriate application to a social service system. Medicine values talent and quality of care and cannot balance the books by slashing personnel. That’s why finding a streamlined model of a care system is a wise tack for us to find a resolution without breaking the budget and is essential. We have to cease balancing our financing of waste by draining our talent resources. Dr. Stein has a good idea that has been tried and does work.

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