Massachusetts Governor Candidates Discuss Health Care: Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker, running for governor of Massachusetts, discusses his views on health care for the Massachusetts Medical Society. See other candidates’ videos, as they become available, at

  1. Milton Hirshberg, MD says:

    Mr. Baker said that we in MA are doing an incredible job at a reasonable price. He is dissimulating or is clueless. And he was a CEO of a health insurance company in this state! MA is known for having the highest per person health care costs in the world and, therefore, the highest of the 50 states of the USA. So Mr.Baker is clueless about the pending collapse of our health care as more of the people here are losing access even as we subsidize more of those in poverty. And he wants to be governor and is unable to say anything about the problems that rising health costs cause for the state’s budget. He gave the most vapid statement of all the candidates, no excess sound nor fury and still saying nothing. Even if we were doing an incredible job, which we are not, we are still on the way to bankruptcy unless we identify the structural dysfunction in our system and resolve it. Only candidate Dr. Jill Stein presented the problems, the dysfunction, the social and economic damage taking place and then offers an established model of reform to resolve all these at an affordable cost to our economy. Such reform is affordable. Mr. Baker’s excuse for doing nothing of that which Dr. Stein suggests is simply to avoid disrupting the status quo. What courage and vision!

    Can MA whine over losing money as geographic imbalances in costs are revisited when we are the state at the peak in costs? It’s inevitable that our share will either decline or cease to grow.

    Government subsidizes over 60 percent of the nation’s health expenses now. A political party that advocates shrinking government by shrinking social services will be saving costs at the expense of providers. I believe government is the major friend physicians have, and we should find ways that we and government can cooperate in programs that work for both our missions. Absent a reform such as that which Dr. Stein proposes, health care inflation will still outpace growth in the economy and lead to unsustainable budget deficits. Budget deficits are not good news for physicians.

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