Massachusetts Governor Candidates Discuss Health Care: Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick, running for re-election as governor of Massachusetts, discusses his views on health care for the Massachusetts Medical Society. See other candidates’ videos, as they become available, at

  1. Milton Hirshberg, MD says:

    What good the Governor’s administration has done or plans to do should not be knocked, but the problems within our health care system regarding the successful management of expenses are structured into the system and deserve our most serious concern and resolve to solve as soon as possible. The governor moves too slowly to address the enormous challenge to resolve what amounts to an impending collapse of the system: costs are rising faster than our economic growth, a life threatening wound, and the trend in the number of Massachusetts citizens losing access to care is turning upward again. So the governor has made no structural change and plans none. So he is repeating the business as usual management model.

    He did challenge the inflated premium increases of the insurers. But he missed an opportunity to lead at the same time. Why didn’t he propose at the time the insurers demonstrated to all of us their predatory corruption of the system to introduce for Massachusetts a public option? What if he had a proposal to open the state system to all as one option? He would have to work out a scale for enrollment costs related to ability to pay, whatever that might be, such as a tax on payroll or wealth or combination of the two metrics.

    I hope the other candidates have more creative brains or will talk to some who do. Man is less than rational and the governor is no exception. The Republican candidate is a child of that very predatory insurance industry. He did nothing for the people when he could have so why would he receive support from physicians practicing in a state where the practice environment is on a consistent trend downward?

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