Mass. Medical Home Project is About to Begin: Apply Now

380892395_1046c983a0_bThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts is about to start a project that could transform the practice of primary care medicine, if it’s successful.

This week the state announced that it’s accepting applications for its three-year Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative. The project will test the proposition that medical homes can improve quality and efficiency, and perhaps even save the primary care practice.

The deadline to apply is August 12, 2010.

The program includes some financial support, lots of training, and the assistance of a facilitator to help practices as they go along.

Unfortunately, applying is not a simple process. The application is funneled through the state’s public procurement system, which automatically brings into play a lot of arcane state laws and regulations. The application itself is 39 pages long. That’s why the state is holding two webinars next week to help practices through the process.

But given its promise for making a difference in primary care medicine, we think it’s worth the effort to apply.

The MMS website has information on the application process and the webinars.

The state’s website has lots of good background information on the overall project.

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