MMS President Calls on Physicians to be Flexible, Collegial, and Nimble

Calling this past year in health care “amazing,” MMS President Mario Motta, M.D., told the MMS House of Delegates this morning, “I’m proud of the role we were able to play on both the state and federal level.”

Dr. Motta praised Society members for their input. “Your feedback told us whether we were on the right track or needed to correct our approach,” he observed.

Giving the federal legislation a grade of B minus, Dr. Motta said it left some matters “unfinished,” most notably an SGR fix. “Without SGR reform, the viability of Medicare is threatened,” he said.

The MMS president called on everyone to get involved in a grassroots campaign to get lawmakers to pass a payment formula that is “fair, sustainable, and accurately represents the cost of running a practice.” He asked his colleagues to call Senator Scott Brown as part of a push to get Republican senators in New England to vote in favor of SGR reform.

Dr. Motta also praised MMS President-Elect Alice Coombs, M.D.’s work on the state payment reform commission. “The final report says almost everything Alice was arguing for…She got it done,” he said.

Regarding imminent legislative attempts to implement the commission’s recommendations, Dr. Motta said, “Our stance will not be, ‘no, not ever’.” But he was quick to add that “there are some for whom [global payment] will never be a good idea.”

“The status quo is not an option,” Dr. Motta concluded. “Change for its own sake is not the answer, either. We need to be flexible in our thinking, collegial in our approach, and nimble in our actions, as we protect the special nature of the patient-physician relationship.”

Listen to the speech here. (11:01)

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