“Be Bold, Be Creative, Be Visionary,” MMS President Tells Members

_MG_2216_webMMS President Mario Motta, M.D., told the members of the Society that “we are surrounded by a world demanding that we change” in his State of the Society message this afternoon. Dr. Motta encouraged his colleagues to respond to change by being bold, creative, and visionary.

With medical progress and knowledge expanding exponentially, “no one person can know everything,” Dr. Motta observed. That makes cooperation and collaboration among physicians essential, yet physicians work in a system that “actively discourages” that kind of teamwork and coordination. The resulting disconnects lead to “chaos, stress, frustration, and burnout,” Dr. Motta noted.

“We are the system,” Dr. Motta told his colleagues. “If we don’t change, the system doesn’t change.”
But he was quick to add that physicians’ experience with change imposed from the outside “doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.” That’s why the physician community must lead the change, he said.

At the same time, Dr. Motta emphasized that everyone is responsible for helping restore order and sanity to the health care system – including insurers, the business community, government, patients, and hospitals.

Physician advocacy through the Medical Society, he concluded, gives physicians the best chance of “not just surviving in this new world, but thriving in it, and even enjoying it.”

Listen to his remarks (9:21)

  1. I am so encouraged to hear these words being spoken by a physician, to other physicians. I believe that any systemic change must begin with individual physicians becoming aware of their personal power and taking responsibility for the change that can come from within.

    I recently wrote a blog post on this subject, called “Creativity: A Prescription for Doctors”, outlining the model of creativity at Pixar, and suggesting ways in which physicians could implement some of these principles in practice: http://bit.ly/bdzoT5

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