Dr. Mark Pearlmutter’s Video Journal from Haiti

Dr. Mark Pearlmutter, a member of the MMS and chief of emergency medicine for Caritas Christi Health Care in Boston,  has just returned from Haiti, serving with many other colleagues from Caritas Christi.

Here is his video report.

Caritas Christi Haiti Relief Fund from EnFocus Media on Vimeo. (If you can’t see the video window above, watch the video here.)

Mark blogged extensievly about his experiences while in Haiti.

In his Jan. 26 post, “Surrogate Child,” he wrote about one particular child’s struggle:

It amazed me that although we had 250 patients in our hospital compound, the entire team was emotionally connected to the fate of this child.  Part of this was because not one of us had diagnosed seen or treated a case of tetanus.  But I’m convinced it was more to do with the dependent fragility of a sick child who was alone without her parents.  We all assumed a surrogate role that went beyond simply being medical caregivers.  Now all we could was hope and pray that the exceptional care being provided on the US Comfort would make a difference.

The next day we got word that the parents arrived by bus (a 36 hour ordeal) from Port au Prince.  Our hearts went out to the parents as we told them about their child.  We showed them pictures of their child, initially intended for didactic purposes.  Who would have known that these pictures would be the last they would see of their child.  Their daughter, our surrogate child, had succumbed to the effects of overwhelming tetanus infection.  Although we all mourned the loss of this child, we took solace and were even somewhat uplifted when the parents thanked us for all that we had done.

As I watched them leave our compound, I couldn’t help but feel that the entire country of Haiti had become our surrogate child.

Mark’s full post from that day is available here.

Read also Mark’s remarkable post on Jan. 24, Haiti Impressions: Day 2.

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