Global Payments: How We Did It, and What Works (First of 3)

This video is the first in a series of three video by physician leaders in Massachusetts, who discuss how practices can succeed under a global payment system.

Speaker: Barbara Spivak, MD,President, Mount Auburn-Cambridge IPA, Cambridge Mass.

The Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association, with nearly 500 physician members, began operating under a form of global payments 10 years ago. Its physicians are on staff at Mount Auburn Hospital and the Cambridge Health Alliance (Cambridge Hospital and Somerville Hospital).

Key quote: “Focusing on quality helped get people to accept us in their offices more. … [Physicians] accept that we’re working for them, not for the health plans, and that we’re working for their patients.”

Among the issues she addresses:

  • How her practice started with global payments, what physicians learned
  • The patient’s  experience
  • Whether global payments are the “right answer” for Massachusetts

Coming Wednesday: Richard Lopez, MD, of Atrius Health

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