Global Payments: How We Did It, and What Works (Second of 3)

This video is the second in a series of three videos by physician leaders in Massachusetts, who discuss how practices can succeed under a global payment system.

Earlier this week, Barbara Spivak, MD, spoke about the experiences at the Mount Auburn Cambridge IPA. Today we hear from one of the pioneers in this area.

Speaker: Richard Lopez, MD, Chief Physician Executive, Atrius Health

Atrius Health is the parent company for five practice groups in eastern Massachusetts, employing nearly 700 physicians. Its founding practice group, Harvard Community Health Plan, was one of the pioneers of a capitated payment system in the late 1960s.

Key quote: “You have to think about it as a journey. It’s going to take several steps to get there.”

Among the issues he addresses:

  • What physician groups need to be successful in a global payment system
  • The differences in delivering care in a global payment system
  • Whether global payments are the “right” answer for Massachusetts

Coming Friday: Richard Parker, MD, of the Beth Israel Deaconess Physician Organization.

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