Watch Your Mail: New GIC Ratings Expected Early Next Month

Image by simiezzz, via flickrMassachusetts physicians should watch their mail next month for information from the six health plans that participate in the Group Insurance Commission. We expect that the plans will release next year’s individual tier designations early in January.

Review these mailings right away. They will include general information about your profile and the tiers into which you’ve been designated.

We believe that the appeal period will again be very short. We will share the details on any changes in the plans’ methodologies and measures as soon as we learn them.

What You Should Do:

We want to hear about your concerns and questions. Your experiences will help us advocate with the health plans.  Comment here, or e-mail us at

Meanwhile, the Medical Society litigation against the GIC and two of its participating health plans is still before the state Superior Court. The complaint – which was upheld in a ruling earlier this year – states that the GIC program misleads patients and defames physicians by using an inaccurate and faulty rating system.

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