MMS House Rejects “Imposition” of Capitated Payments

IMG_1031-loAfter nearly three hours of strenuous debate, the MMS House of Delegates this morning approved two separate policies that oppose the “imposition of capitation on physicians and groups” and mandatory “universal” global payment systems statewide.

During the debate, MMS President Mario Motta, M.D., reminded delegates that the Society’s current position is to oppose any form of payment being imposed on physicians who are not ready and willing to participate voluntarily.

President-Elect Alice Coombs, M.D., who served on the state Payment Reform Commission, agreed that current MMS advocacy aligns with today’s adopted policy.

In other action:

  • The House acknowledged that defensive medicine is a major contributor to rising health care costs and adopted policy stating that “liability reform should be a priority in health-care legislation.”
  • Delegates rejected a resolution that would have had the Society support a “public universal health insurance system.” The Society conditionally supports a “public option” as one way to achieve universal coverage, but favors an overall “pluralistic” approach to achieving that. During floor debate, past MMS President Joseph Heyman, M.D., said lawmakers and the public currently deem a single-payer plan to be “politically unacceptable.”
  • The House opposed the construction of three large-scale biomass plants in western Massachusetts because of their “unacceptable health risk.” It wants such plants declared ineligible for renewable energy tax credits, and urged the state to adopt policies that would minimize approval and construction of new biomass power plants.
  1. Jonathan Caine says:

    I am very proud of the work of the HOD on these issues. Mandatory Capitation/Global payments would destroy the practice of medicine in MA. In addition, the necessity of liability reform is essential to true Health Care reform and cost control, despite the fact that the current Federal legislation does not adequately address the issue. Finally, the proposed expansion of Medicare and Medicaid will only further dilute physician’s payments and I applaud the MMS oppposition.

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