MMS House of Delegates Meets This Weekend

House of DelegatesHealth care reform and payment reform will be major topics of discussion this weekend when the chief policymaking body of the MMS convenes for its semi-annual, or interim, meeting.

The first session Friday starts with remarks from MMS President Mario Motta, MD. After that,  Dr. Motta and MMS President-Elect Alice Coombs, will speak to the House about the current status of federal reform and state payment reform, with a question and answer period from delegates.

Then, the House’s three reference committees will get together to review and take testimony from Society members for about two dozen proposed resolutions. The full House of Delegates meets all day Saturday to vote on the resolutions.

What We’ll Do

  • We’ll publish updates on the home page of our website.
  • We’ll blog and post Twitter updates about the opening sessions, the reference committee hearings and the House of Delegates session.
  • We’ll post videos and PowerPoint slides of these events where possible.

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