MMS Flu Advisory: H1N1 Vaccine Allocation in Massachusetts

H1N1 Vaccine Allocation in Massachusetts
flu badgeTo date, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) has received approximately 270,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine in all formulations, or between 5% and 10% of the total H1N1 doses it expects to receive this season.
MDPH has prioritized allocation of H1N1 vaccine to ob-gyn, pediatric, family and multi-specialty practices in order to reach the priority populations of pregnant women, health care workers and youth (including high risk youth). In addition, all registered hospitals and community health centers have been prioritized to receive vaccine. This week, the MDPH H1N1 Vaccine Program began allocating limited quantities of vaccine to Local Boards of Health.

Provider Reporting of Doses Administered
Providers receiving H1N1 are required to report use to the MDPH. MDPH’s system for reporting of doses administered went live on Friday, October 9. On Tuesday, October 20, MDPH reported to the CDC a total of 51,879 doses administered in Massachusetts from October 11-17.

Registration for H1N1 Vaccine
Providers who would like to receive and administer H1N1 vaccine may still register with MDPH. As of 10/21/09, 2,416 sites registered as primary sites to receive H1N1 vaccine. These primary sites registered an additional 1,807 secondary sites for a total of 4,223 sites across the Commonwealth. If you have questions about registering or reporting, please contact the MDPH H1N1 Vaccine Program Help Desk:
o Help Desk phone number: 888-578-5585
o Help Desk email address:
For additional information, including clinical and patient resources, visit

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