Walk-In Clinics Tie for Last Place in Canadian Satisfaction Survey

A new study in Annals of Family
suggests that patients may not necessarily be satisfied with the care
they would get at walk-in clinics.

The study, conducted on Ontario, Canada, measured the satisfaction
levels of patients who received care at their family physician, their physician’s
after-hours clinic, emergency departments, telephone advisory services, and
walk-in clinics. Here are the results, on a scale of 1 to 7:

Family physician: 6.1
After-hours clinic: 5.6
Emergency department: 5.3
Telephone health advisory service: 4.8
Walk-in clinic: 4.7
More than 1 service: 4.7

It’s interesting that the much-maligned emergency department did
better than walk-in clinics. The after-hours clinics in the study are staffed
by physician practices on weekends and evenings, possibly the equivalent of
urgent-care hours provided by many practices in the U.S.

This study was also cited in boston.com’s White
Coat Notes.

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