Asking the Right Questions: State Releases Draft Rules for Minute Clinics

The state Public Health Council yesterday released a complex proposal to regulate the operation of "limited services clinics." CVS hopes to open the first of these clinics in Massachusetts under its MInute Clinics brand.

We are still looking carefully at the proposal, and it’s too early to share our specific comments. The hearing is Sept. 5. However it’s fair to say that we will continue to study them through the lens of whether they address the quality, health and safety, and continuity of care issues we raised earlier.

To our eyes, the Public Health Council is asking the right kinds of questions. The Globe’s article today covered the issues pretty well. Like the council’s members, we’re keenly interested in how the clinics will maintain quality of care, and how they will integrate with the rest of the health care system, as imperfect as the system is. They could provide something valuable. We would like to see the clinics improve the delivery of care in the system, not aggravate the dysfunctional aspects that we all quite familiar with.

Frank Fortin
Communications Director

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