November Physician Focus: Choosing Your Care

Health care is undergoing rapid change today, affecting hospitals, physicians, and patients alike in many ways.  These changes are making the health care system increasingly complex, raising questions and confusion for patients. How to simplify the process, get questions answered, limit the confusion, and obtain good, quality care are key elements that patients should consider when choosing their care.  The November edition of Physician Focus examines those areas and others in discussing the important factors patients should consider when choosing their health care.

Dr. Bruce Karlin, Dr. Barbara Spivak

Dr. Bruce Karlin, Dr. Barbara Spivak

The guest for this program is Barbara Spivak, M.D., a primary care physician with Mount Auburn Medical Associates in Cambridge and Chair of the MMS Committee on Quality of Medical Practice. Dr. Spivak is also president and Chair of the Board of the Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association and Vice Chair of Massachusetts Health Quality Partners.  Hosting this program is Bruce Karlin, M.D.

Among the topics of conversation are the best ways to select a physician, online sites that rate physicians, the trend to team-based care and how it affects patients, and what patients should do if they decide they don’t like their doctor.

Physician Focus is distributed to public access television stations throughout Massachusetts, reaching residents in more than 275 cities and towns. It is also available online at, and on YouTube.

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