Massachusetts Medical Society States Support of Governor Baker’s Proposal for Lyme Disease Treatment

MMS President James S. Gessner, M.D. today issued a statement of support for Governor Charlie Baker’s alternative proposal for the treatment of patients with Lyme disease.

“The Massachusetts Medical Society is firmly in support of the Governor’s initiative to provide insurance coverage for the treatment of patients with Lyme disease,” said Dr. Gessner.

“Public health officials have determined that Lyme disease is endemic throughout the Commonwealth,” Dr. Gessner added, “so much so that the state has the fourth highest incidence of Lyme disease in the nation.  It is imperative that we provide comprehensive care for those affected, and the Governor is attempting to do just that.”

The Governor’s bill, filed Thursday, would require private health insurers, nonprofit hospitals, and health maintenance organizations to cover the costs of medically appropriate and clinically proven treatments for Lyme disease equal to the coverage that the state’s Medicaid program provides.  That requirement would ensure needed treatment for patients with the condition.

Dr. Gessner added that he is gratified that the Governor acknowledges that his bill would provide coverage only for evidenced-based therapies that have proven to be clinically effective and that physicians of all specialties would be able to prescribe treatment when determined to be medically necessary.

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